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Product Ingredients

Below you will find a list of the ingredients used in my products and what they are used for.  Each product may contain different variations of these items.  You can see the exact ingredients on each product page.

  • Activated Charcoal is used in my soaps and bath bombs to create beautiful black and rich gray colors. It also has the added benefit of helping to remove dirt and oil from your pores.

  • Alcohol is used as a base for dyes used in painting bath bombs

  • Butter Milk is a wonderful ingredient added to many of my bath products to create bubbles, soften water, moisturize, and soothe skin.
  • Butters such as cocoa, shea, etc. are in some of my products and have different moisturizing benefits.
  • Citric Acid is one of the key ingredients used in my bath bombs. Citric Acid is a natural substance that helps to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. In combination with baking soda, this ingredient is what creates the "fizz" in your bomb!
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine is added to some products to create additional bubbles.

  • Cream of Tartar is used as a binding agent in my bath bombs, making the bomb harder and stronger and also has other skin purifying benefits.
  • Dead Sea Salts - Soaking in water enriched with this salt can help in treating skin conditions and improves internal processes. Dead Sea Salt contains 21 minerals including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium.

  • Epsom Salt is absorbed through the skin and works to relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in joints. Tired and sore feet will also benefit from the therapeutic warmth of an magnesium salt soak.

  • Essential Oils are aromatic oils extracted from botanicals. These are added to some of my products in combination with a carrier oil to create naturally scented, and therapeutic bath soaks.

  • Fragrance Oils also give many of my bath products their scent. They are artificially created fragrances, containing artificial substances. They are specifically designed to mimic the scent of a natural product (such as coffee fragrance oil).

  • Flavor Oils are added to lip balms to give a delicious taste to the other soothing ingredients.
  • Herbs and Flowers are added to some of my products. These are generally added for their aesthetics, but many have therapeutic benefits as well! These include: Rose Petals, Lavender, Chamomile, Spirulina, etc.

  • Kaolin Clay is suitable for sensitive skin and is also used as a hardening agent in my bath bombs.

  • Mica, Dyes and Pigments are added to my products to achieve the color.

  • Moisturizing Oils / Carrier oils such as almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, etc. are in all of my products and have different benefits. A carrier oil is also essential when using essential oils in my products. Carrier oils ensure that the essential oil being topically applied is comfortable to the skin and doesn’t cause any burning effects.

  • Polysorbate 80 is a surfactant and emulsifier often used in foods and cosmetics. This is mixed with oils to help colors mix into the bath water instead of having it sit on top and stick to the tub.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) is one of the key ingredients used in my bath bombs. It leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and clean. It also offers some really useful detoxifying effects and can help with a number of common health issues, such as yeast infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), rashes, bug bites, dry scalp, and more.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) is a fine white powder that is used to create bubbles and foam.